ROM Hacks: Final Fantasy IV - The DSfication released!

Started by RHDNBot, October 18, 2022, 09:05:09 PM

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Update By: T92

This is basically a hack designed with the DS version as inspiration.

Summary of changes

*   The delay of most commands have changed to resemble the DS version
*   Character's stats have changed to the DS stats as much as possible
*   Dark's effect has changed, it attacks one target at the cost of 1/8 of the user's HP
*   Jump's airtime has been increased just like in DS version
*   Recal's spell list has changed
*   Sing is a list of spells just like White/Black/Call, similar to the DS version, the command now works with any weapon as long as a weapon is equipped
*   Pray's effect heals ~20% HP and some MP, and the success chance has slightly improved
*   Aim now works with any weapon as long as a weapon is equipped
*   Salve's effect heals for more HP
*   Focus' effect has changed, now it stores 1 charge and it can be released with either Fight or Kick, similar to the DS version
*   Kick's damage has increased, as stated above the damage can be increased even further if Yang has 1 charge of Focus
*   Brace's defense boost scales with a formula based on user's level
*   Bluff's effect changed to increase Wisdom by 12 instead of the original 16 (sorry, it's still good though)
*   Cry's effect improves the chance to deal critical hits, trying to resemble the damage bonus from the DS version of cry
*   Twin's delay has been increased, and the spell power of their spells as well, just like the DS version
*   Cid's Peep (and the Peep spell) works on bosses
*   Cid's new command "Imbue" which overwrites his weapon's element to be ice, fire and lightning, which resembles the upgrade command from DS
*    Fusoya's Bless restores some MP to the party.
*   Parry now increases the defense(x2) and the magic defense(+25) until next turn to resemble the DS version
*   Some algorithms were changed (accuracy, attack multiplier, magic defense multiplier, magic evasion, spell power, poison damage and frequency, gradual petrification's frequency, armor/protect's defense bonus, shell's magic defense bonus ...)
*   Equipment's stats, bonuses, elements, properties, etc... Have changed to resemble the weapons from the DS version
*   Initial spells and spells learned by level have changed to match the ones from the DS version
*   Magic's spell power, accuracy, delay, MP cost changed
*   Some spells were added and/or reworked according to the DS version
*   Enemy stats, AI, experience, gil, counters, etc... Have changed to resemble the enemies from the DS version
*    Damage/Healing output variations has been changed from the default bonus (from 0% to 50%) to be from 0% to 25% for less punishing RNG, it also helps to make defense and magic defense feel more impactful
*    Unlimited arrows like the DS version
*    Relative agility formula has been changed, now anchor has a Relative agility of 6 instead of 5 (for the ones that know what this means)
*    Small changes on maps
*    Small changes on chest's content
*    Small changes on palettes

For bugs, feedback, comments, and suggestions feel free to post it in the forum or with the author.

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