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Importance of FamiTracker Features?

Started by Quantam, October 18, 2022, 03:25:39 AM

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I'm comparing the feature set of FamiTone 5 and bhop, and I would appreciate any feedback composers might be able to give me on how important the differences are.

The features bhop supports that FamiTone 5 lacks:
Envelope release phase
Effects: 0 (arpeggio - though FT5 does support arpeggio envelopes), 4 (vibrato - FT5 only supports 1 frequency of vibrato, though it does support pitch envelopes), 7 (tremolo - again, FT does support volume envelopes), A (volume slide), G (note delay), P (detune), S (delayed cut), Y (DPCM sample offset), Z (DPCM delta counter).

bhop is somewhat slower than FT5, in terms of CPU usage. So the question to composers is: are these features enough to justify a slower sound engine?