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Edit team logos in FIFA for NDS

Started by coolman_ness, March 01, 2020, 03:15:14 PM

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Hi there!,
Does anybody know how to edit the logos of the football teams of the game? I "opened" the game with DSLazy, and there is an archive called logos.dat. How can I open this type of extensions and edit them?
Thanks  ;)


.dat is a generic extension used by thousands of formats across computing, and I don't even know here if it contains the logos for the various teams (names are good things but not always the whole story).

You would probably be better served starting with something like crystaltile2 (click the little DS icon to bring up the file system viewer, double click to set whatever mode you are in to that address, it will hopefully tell you if the file in question is compressed) or tinke and loading it in their tile viewers.

As far as existing info then sports games, much less handheld sports games, are seldom looked at by hackers so you will probably be on your own as far as existing info.


Hi Coolman nes, we're currently doing a Fifa 2020 (Fifa 95) for Mega Drive. This dat file, I think you can rename it to an extension, Graphic editors or Tile editors may open.

Or as Fast6191 said, open the game in that specific Tile editor.


Fast6191, as you'd said, romhackers don't care so much with Sports games? I agree with you, here on, because we don't have so much support from expert hackers on the topics.

But I think this can't be applied to South American guys and other people around the world, passionate by this type of games... lol... Here, we have tons of hacks for ISSS (Snes and Genesis), Fifa (All versions), Super Monaco GP and other sports games.

Super Monaco GP... It garnered an at-the-time unprecedented 10–10–9–9 rating from Electronic Gaming Monthly's Review and wasn`t a F Indy title.


Hey guys,

Thanks for your responses. I will try in a few days to do what you have said here. It is just the problem of the logos, because I can rename the teams with the notepad. If this project goes up, I will open another post in the personal project's forum.  ;)


Super Monaco GP is surely a racing game rather than sports game.

Football game wise (American or actual) then we occasionally see a stats/team name change, and maybe someone having some fun with physics within existing parameters, but compared to the sort of all encompassing consideration that almost anything else we see in ROM hacking where people understand everything about the game from levels to ai to stats to graphics to text I am not seeing it, even in Brazilian hacking circles (I try to keep up with them, even if I have not properly paid attention since just before died).

As for dats and renaming then for the DS many of the tools are sharp enough to read the first few bytes and/or magic stamp and load things accordingly if it is the sorts of things we see on , that said there are a few and a packing format might confuse it so yeah maybe look at the file in a hex editor to see what it starts out with.


Hi guys! Is there an up-to-date list of expansions and mods for Fifa 2020? I was interested in the question of OP because if there is an opportunity to edit the logos of football teams, then maybe I can make some interesting adjustments for my comfort. At least I haven't found anything like that on so far, although I trust their posts for updates and helpful tips. No one can direct my search better than the players from the forums. I'd be grateful if you could help me with this.