Crazier Castle Bonus Level Pack Patching Instructions?

Started by blinky36, October 06, 2022, 11:01:05 PM

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I'm pretty confused on how to install the extra level packs included in Crazier Castle. Based on the readme, I assumed I should just patch all 4 packs onto an already-patched Crazier Castle rom, however this leads to a glitchy level 1, and the game locks up on level 2. I assume this isn't the correct way, so then I tried installing each patch on its own separate rom. This seemed to work, however it appears that level packs 1 and 2 are exactly the same (given they both start on the same level). Packs 3 and 4 both start on unique levels to Pack 1, so I honestly have no idea if I'm doing something wrong or what (I get the same results patching the packs onto either a stock CC rom, or the Crazier hacked rom). Does anyone know how to properly use these level pack patches, and/or if Level Pack 2 is mislabeled or something?


I used some level hacks for Crazier Castle, I patch first the level hack, then I patch Crazier Castle. I used Frank15's level hacks and Alice Cooper has a patch just for levels and they worked fine for me.

Are you using the American version of the Crazy Castle ROM? I didn't test Crazier Castle with the prototype ROM. 🐧


You should ask the Crazier Castle ROMhacker (me).

The basic idea is that Crazier Castle should be compatible with other level hacks.

The level packs are supposed to be applied individually, to either Crazy Castle or Crazier Castle. Don't apply multiple level hacks, it breaks the ROM.

So make a few copies of the already-patched Crazier Castle, and then you can patch each individual Level Pack on top of that.

Packs 1 and 2 do appear to be almost identical, so that's my mistake.