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Help! Commission or Tutorial for Birthday Present!

Started by DetSpooky, September 25, 2022, 02:55:24 AM

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Hey there!

I'm late on a birthday gift for my brother, I tried to learn Romhacking from scratch but I'm already late with this present.

I want to hack the extremely disappointing end screen of Back To The Future! which, despite being a *miserable* experience, maintains a place in our hearts. I just want to zhuzh up the end screen a little bit for him, so he can play it on his NES, get to the end, and see something a little more personable. Maybe a little graphic there too, if the sprite sheet doesn't already have its dance card filled.

I'd be happy to pay someone for the project, but if it's simple enough (I've done a LOT of work in GMS2 and Ren'Py if that says anything) then maybe someone would be willing to show it? Also potentially as a commission?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. :)


Unfortunately it's against the rules of the forums to request commissions. The site is made up of primarily hobbyists who hack games in their free time for fun. We encourage that anyone interested in the hobbyist learn how to hack games themselves and ask for technical help if need be (though you're never guaranteed a solution).

Please read the rules.

Thank you.