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PoPoRoGue - PS1 - English Translation Project

Started by exilekiller, October 02, 2022, 12:08:56 AM

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Hi All,

The completion of the first Popolocrois game to English got me excited about possibly translating PopoRogue.  Fortunately, a nice guy made a utility to extract the dialogue lines.  I have started playing around with the first few lines of the game and it seems to be working. Unfortunately, I do not know much Japanese :laugh: .  This could finally be my excuse to learn it.

I would not doubt that others are more capable of this translation so I am always willing to do some project management/compiling if other want to step in.

Current problems.

  • Per user LostOkina @Okina, you should extract to get the dialogue.

    All bins have info except V_Event which just shows as blank.  Not sure if this is properly importing?
  • Edited the top layer of the Title screen .TIM. When injected in the game, I get this blurry mess, is it a color palette issue?

Look for more updates in the future.



Kongrats for your initiative, although i believe this should be in the "Help Wanted Ads" section. ;)
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Like Felipefpl said, this should maybe go in the help wanted section if you're asking for help. Though, I'd be interested in helping translate if you'd like :)


I'd say most of the posts that get put in Help Wanted are things I don't think should be in there.

I thought it should be like "ROM hacker seeking translator".
Not for asking specific technical questions.
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QuoteI thought it should be like "ROM Hacker Seeking Translator".

Indeed, this is a MUCH better name, i hope it'll be renamed like this someday. And i hope the work of exilekiller here too. :)

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