FF3 NES 2019 Translation v1.3 Bug Fix Request

Started by AwesomeHairo, September 28, 2022, 05:35:56 PM

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Hi, everyone. So when using Chaos Rush's translation patch, there's garbled text that appears when a status ailment in battle is healed (that is not Esuna). This is not present in the JP version.

Can anyone who has helped Chaos with the patch help fix it, please? Or is there any way to not have that window show up at all when a status ailment is healed (not Esuna)? I plan on leaving them blank.


Fixed. I took the English translation patch from Alex W. Jackson, Neill Corlett and SoM2Freak (https://www.romhacking.net/translations/141/) and found out that their patch did not have this problem. What I did was look for each difference in the hex editor and found that at address 6969E - 696B9, there seems to be a fix when they did the changes in widths or something. From my understanding, Chaos Rush based his patch of the one I linked above but didn't notice the fix.

Here's what needs to be changed, if anyone is curious. If I get enough demand, I can basically add a patch for anyone else using Chaos's:

6969E - 696B9 Fix the status ailment recovery messages
Change to 60 B0 60 C9 29 90 5C 86 1C AA BD B9 F4 91 4E C8 BD ED F4 91 4E C8 A6 1C E8 4C 73 96