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Nintenja's To-Dojo List and links to all projects

Started by Nintenja, September 27, 2022, 08:10:31 AM

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Latest news! Terranigma Pixel Freemaster v1.0 has released and is available at

I proudly can announce I am a full member of this site. I love classic games, the romhacking community, and making ultimate easy to patch versions of classic games!!!
Here is a list of links to all my hack projects and a forum to ask me questions,make suggestions, post opinions, or get help with hack related issues. I will be checking and updating this regularly and have many ideas/projects in the works. Feel free to request review beta versions of upcoming projects before release should you be interested in being credited as a hack playtester. Thanks for stopping by.

=============completed projects==========
Final Fantasy V Pixel Freemaster. (V4.50 download link)
(RHDN Forum post)
Video with gameplay
Official tester for this project=user Tombo69

Terranigma Pixel Freemaster v1.0
(RHDN forum post)
Official Tester=regalia 776

Mario Kart-Super Circuit-Freemastered v2.0 (download link)
(RHDN forum post)
Featured in a youtube video by Ghoul World Order:

Super Star Wars Jedi ReMaster  (v1.0)

Death and Return of Superman-Resurrection  (v1.0)
Hack was Featured in SNESdrunk video "Best Super Nintendo Improvement Patches, Part 6" at 5:05 mark now viewed 86k times

========Current WIP hacks===========
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:Turtles in Time-Cowabunga Correction (2 versions are awaiting playtesting)
Seeking help with project

Trials of Mana Pixel Freemaster (beta version ready to begin play testing)About to release v1.0!

Illusion of Gaia-Pixel Freemaster (only announced)
Seeking help with project!!

=====other amazing Redux-like projects I love=====
Maternalbound Redux (v1.1) by shadowone333

Zelda-A Link to the Past Redux  (v10.1)  by shadowone333

Final Fantasy 4-Ultima  (2022 rev22) by 8bitfan

Final Fantasy V-Tweaks (v2.5a)   by t92

TLOZ Redux  (V3.1) by shadowone333

Sins of Mana   (V2.06)   By praetorius5018

TMNT: Return to New York (NES) (v1.81) by guitarpalooz



This is where various merged patches will be..just patched together. Mostll No extra work involved but seemingly compatible and moderately tested. Though I'll specify the level of testing done. I'll be updating this link with more over time.

=================So far in link=========
Super Mario Rpg Plus v1.21.31 by nightblader w/msu1 patch by Conn was requested by Nanashi89
Played 20 minutes and seemed to work swimmingly,let me know how it works for you