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ROM Hacks: Small ZAMN 3 is Released!

Started by RHDNBot, September 26, 2022, 07:14:54 AM

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Update By: Zombie101

Small ZAMN 3 is Released!

This Hack is the hardest in the small ZAMN trilogy. Players start with 1 life and 150 ammo of a random Weapon and 1 of a random item. Players must fight for their survival as there aren't many healing items and Victims don't come back easily. However, the bonus levels make up for this as each one has a 1UP somewhere in it and there is a bonus level every 2 levels and they're filled with lots of goodies to help aid you on your journey. Work your way through 74 levels and fight off Dr. Tongue's Abominations and put an end to him in this finale to the Small ZAMN series.
Detailed description of features.

-74 new levels!

-Reverse cycling!

-Random Starting Items!

-All special secret characters return with new ones! New characters are:  Tangle, Whisper, Wave, Bunnie, Milla, Neera, Retsuko, And Droter!

-New sprites!

-New animations!

-New enemies!

-New point values for Victims!

-New Victims!

-Players get hurt much faster than normal!

-Players have half the life they normally get!

-New demos!

-New passwords!

-Secrets hidden throughout the hack! And more!

Keep a look out for the explorer! He may be trying to show you something!

Enjoy Zombie101.

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