ROM Hacks: Valkyrie's Adventure SRAM + QOL Version 3.1 Released

Started by RHDNBot, September 14, 2022, 06:58:25 PM

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Update By: mentil

Version 3.1 of Mentil's improvement hack for Valkyrie's Adventure/Valkyrie no Bouken was recently released. The game is an NES action-adventure/RPG comparable to Hydlide, released in 1986 a few months after the latter's NES port. This hack is compatible with the original Japanese release, as well as the DvD Translations patch.

The headline feature of this hack is that it adds SRAM support to an RPG that formerly relied on passwords which only preserved the most basic of character progress. With version 3.0, the first release, a ROM expansion allowed for all character attributes to be saved. However, a pernicious bug which had eluded the author for the six months of its development yet remained.

The SRAM support (and indeed, hacks of the game itself) only worked in certain emulators like FCEUX, with others like Mesen rendering it unplayable. However, with the assistance of RayofJay and other members of the nesdev Discord channel, Mentil was not only able to get the hack running in Mesen, but also on the Everdrive! This led to the release of 3.1

In addition to SRAM support, an included alternate patch adds various quality-of-life improvements to the game. These include making legendary equipment more useful, making thieves less disruptive to gameplay, and (last but not least) removing uncommunicated requirements from the win condition at the very end of the game. Combined with the save-upon-death feature of the base hack, these make the game much more user-friendly.

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This is a real happy surprise to come across, thanks a million for this Mentil!

Might be up for revisiting this game again and finish it for good.  :beer: