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Favorite game music covers?

Started by MysticLord, July 14, 2022, 11:32:32 PM

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I just bought a few of TPR's melancholy tribute albums on Bandcamp.

Parallels: Melancholy Music from Chrono Cross

Final Heaven: Melancholy Music from Final Fantasy VII - Definitive Edition

A Fleeting Dream: A Melancholy Tribute to Final Fantasy X

Hollow & Heartless: Melancholy Music from Kingdom Hearts

The End of Time: Melancholy Music from Chrono Trigger

TPR used to have albums up for FFVIII and FFIX, but they were taken down due to the cost of licensing the music from Square Enix and life in general getting more expensive, so I thought I'd share it all in case you want to buy some of his music.

The TPR discography is here:

Also please share your favorite video game covers and where we can get them.


I felt certain we'd had this thread before, but I guess not.

I stopped trying to keep up with the site ages ago, but I definitely have some fond memories of the older stuff on OCRemix. Probably the finest is Estradasphere's cover of Super Mario Bros. 2.

Battle For Smithy from Project Majestic Mix's Squaredance album isn't all that great, really, but I still kinda like it. I guess it started from good source material.

And I just mentioned Gyakuten Meets Orchestra the other day. They released the original Phoenix Wright score on vinyl and it's hard to imagine why when there are such vastly superior renditions out there.

8-Bit Big Band ought to have ten times as many hits on their videos as they currently do.

I liked Contraband's music so much that for once I actually bought the album.

And for a golden oldie, let's bring in Orchestral Game Concert.  Apparently the original albums are rare now. They ought to be completely re-recorded and remastered.

... But now I should mention that the London Philharmonic did record a track that is unmistakably transcribed from the Orchestral Game Concert version.
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I give this a listen whenever shit gets super real in my life

I've been through the wringer so many times at this point some companies still list my address in the middle of it lol


The Minibosses original Metroid medley is one of the best I've heard. I find it to be much better than the second version they did. The original really hits the nail on the head.

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I like everything from John Oeth. His acoustic guitar covers are excellent. I especially like this cover of "Another Guldove" from Chrono Cross:

Also, anything from The Game Brass. Their arrangements are impressive and they sound great. I especially like this arrangement of "Kass's Theme" from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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I don't know if I've heard "Chronotorious" by Bad Dudes before. (I think I saw them live once, long ago?)'

On that note, I think "Brink of Time" deserves a vinyl re-release. Mitsuda himself had favorable things to say about it back in the day. They can even do something creative with the absolutely baffling fried egg motif. If anyone ever tells you they like "acid jazz", I reckon it's a safe bet that they're thinking of Brink of Time.
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RichaadEB's cover of the Ocean Palace theme from Chrono Trigger, my favorite piece of music from the game!


Chrono Trigger is a big deal in the hold music community.

Makes me wonder who the gurus are that answer their phones.


Project Destati does fantastic work on the Kingdom Hearts series

Sangnoksu also did the best cover of Dancing Mad I've ever heard.


Do you have any favorite covers of U.N. Owen Was Her? I was directed to this recently. Not much of a treat for the ears, I suppose, but the camera work and talent on display is quite something.

Now that I've mentioned that, I've got to mention this.

On that note, I'm very impressed by some of those "fusion collabs" that have arisen lately, like this one for the Super Mario World end credits:

Or Green Hill Zone:
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Found this soothing rendition of the Super Mario World credits in one of my old posts just now. Hard to go wrong with that, really.

Hard to go wrong with Space Harrier, too.
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