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Earthworm Jim 3 (NES) Improvement

Started by pipóquete, October 11, 2022, 07:44:26 PM

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Hi everyone, so i just want to show an improvement/overhaul that i'm working on, which is Hummer Team's NES port of Earthworm Jim (Earthworm Jim 3). This is built off the hack made by sebastianangel back in 2020.

Here are some screenshots:

This hack will improve everything to match the original Earthworm Jim, and every graphic is going to be replaced with ones that are closer to the original. And for the music apartment, i think we'll have to contact someone to redo the music.


It already looks great! Keep up the good job! :thumbsup:


Ooh thank you very much for improving one of my first attempts to colorize games in the 8bits :cerveza: , now it looks much better with your fixes!
congratulations I hope you keep going :Pulgares hacia arriba:


The GROOVY! screen is improved. But i still trying to fix some of the tiles from some frames of the screen, also i gave Jim his green eye.


Something to say now, that i have to re-do the GROOVY! screen since the frames of it had errors, so i have to redo the screen like this:

Also, in the sound apartment, for Jim's sound effects, we can use DPCM samples for those sounds.