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Pac-Man Collection: Definitive Edition?

Started by SuperStarFox, September 25, 2022, 06:44:59 PM

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After trying out JY's latest hack "Pac-Man Collection+" I asked myself "What would the collection feel like if Namco back in the day actually did more than the stuff they did back in the past?" That had me thinking more work could be put into someday, we already got a color & sprite restoration hack that also comes with changing the sound effects in the menu screen. But what about the audio pitch for Pac-Man & Pac-Man Arrangement, the opportunity to save High Scores, and the never before seen unused multiplayer content that was removed before the game was released in 2001? Lemme show you:

Originally, the compilation was going to have multiplayer for Pac-Man Arrangement and Pac-Attack before Namco suggest removing them. One user "Soul Filing Cabinets / Loving Angel Friend / AMA" (@nensondubois_) on Twitter found the unused 2 player mode in Pac-Man Arrangement by setting to 0101 to change controller player modes in Pac-Man Arrangement.
Pac-Man Arrangement (GBA - unused 2 player mode)

Pac-Attack also contains the 2-Player mode from the Sega Genesis port! You have to modify 0x0000B9C6 to 0228 (0800B9C6 2802) and press down at the menu after "Puzzle Mode" to select the unused 2 Player Mode.
Pac-Attack (GBA - Unused Versus Mode)

The appendix mode for additional puzzles text still exists and can be activated with the cheat 0200EAD0 0001. Unfortunately the extra puzzles weren't implemented in the game.
Appendix Mode (GBA - Unused)

Right now, the fair amount of work we managed to receive was Pac-Man Collection+ (I recommend it if you haven't tried it out yet.) by JY.
Pac-Man Collection+

It may or may not be possible to do, but I would love to see someone actually take the time to add some missing content in the collection such as:

-Changing the audio pitch in Pac-Man & Pac-Man Arrangement (to sound more like the arcade ports)
-The ability to save High Scores
-The unused 2 Player modes for Pac-Man Arrangement & Pac-Attack

Until then, check out Pac-Man World Re-Pac & Pac-Man Museum+ if you haven't got the chance.  :thumbsup: