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Ever drink soda while playing Mario?

Started by Sonicman, September 14, 2022, 04:27:01 PM

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If you do, now you can play as a soda in Mario! (pun intended). Super Cola Bros. Coming soon!


Do you actually have anything to show instead of just posting the basic idea? Not that this is part of the forum rules or anything, but this board's description is this:

QuoteHave a ROM-hacking question? Want to just show off your own work without worrying about maintaining a thread in Personal Projects? Here's the place to do it. Those who are new to ROM hacking should instead post in the Newcomer's Board.

It would be better if you posted screenshots, questions on how to do x hack etc. instead of just posting a random hack idea. Thank you.


"My watch says 30 chickens" Google, 2018



I can see the records of deleted comments on this forum, and I see nothing of comments by you being deleted on this topic.
"My watch says 30 chickens" Google, 2018