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Crystaltile2 won't save ANY of my edits.

Started by CrackZero, November 24, 2020, 05:22:31 PM

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I've tried changing the the hexadecimal values and title however the icon for saving never lights up and the option to save stays grayed out under the file tab. Then when I try to exit I get this: and if I click the about icon I get this: When I open the program I open the .nds file directly, could that be a problem? I haven't tried to do anything else with the program except the things I wrote here.
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Currently working on Project Hacker: Kakusei.


Hey, I know it's been a while but have you had any luck fixing this? because I have the same problem with putting an overlay file back into my black 2 rom hack using crystal tile.


You should probably start a new thread than reply to an old one.
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