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Castlevania - Tales of Night Moon

Started by ikusatatsu_ushiromiya, September 07, 2022, 03:28:56 AM

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Hallo everyone, I am Ikusatatsu Ushiromiya.
I made a castlevania fan game and released.
It's a PC game and most images are taken from Castlevania games in NDS.

Game name: Castlevania - Tales of Night Moon
Versions: V1.2

Producer:Ikusatatsu Ushiromiya
Game Designer:Ikusatatsu Ushiromiya
Program:Ikusatatsu Ushiromiya
Art Designer:Ikusatatsu Ushiromiya
Tools: Game Maker Studio 2
Castlevania Like Engine
DSVania Editor
Image Materials: Many Castlevania Games,Castlevania Like Engine
Sounds and Music :Many Castlevania Games,OZ ~OVER ZENITH ,Ys,東方真珠島 ~ Hollow Song of Birds. ,Other free sound effects found on the Internet.

About keys:
This game supports keyboard and gamepad. But only the keyboard has a system with custom keys.
Custom key system only for attack, jump, back and defense. You should click "save" after change the keys.
B is pause.
WASD and arrow keys are both the keys for directions.

Flying props about the enemy:
1、Only small physical flying props can be blocked.
2、Small and medium flying props and medium physical flying props can be broken.
3、Big flying props can't be broken.
4、Flying props of Boss can't be broken.

The newest down load page:


It looks challenging, I'm downloading it right now and I'll play it after dinner. Thanks for sharing with us.  :thumbsup: 


Alkali Man OG

uhhhhh this site only allows hacks of console games...not PC stuff


I never got around to checking this out the first time around, I'll make sure to check out v1.2. :)