ROM Hacks: Super Luigi RPG Star Powered gets yet another boost!

Started by RHDNBot, September 06, 2022, 02:41:22 AM

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Update By: Will331999


-Made all enemy names proper case

-Reworked level up stats

-New color palette for Daisy, courtesy of the SMRPG Open World Randomizer

-Shroob-omb has been replaced

-New boss in Monstro Town

-Added a reward for getting all hidden chests

-New original spell for Daisy (courtesy of Yakibomb) that she learns at level 20

-New original monster spell (courtesy of also Yakibomb) (they carried this update)

-Organized the shops inventories to not be messy

-2 new bosses in Gate

-New boss in Nimbus Land post Valentina

-New true final boss in Factory (In the room with the falling Yaridoviches)

-Made story minigames more difficult

-Kefka has been completely revamped and looks cleaner

-New boss in Belome Temple

-New boss in Grate Guy's Casino

-New postgame boss in Mushroom Kingdom

-Pipe Vault is now named Lava Cave

-The normal boss rush in Bowser's Castle no longer sucks

-Inferno has been replaced

-Doomgaze has been replaced

-New Superboss in Nimbus Land

-New Superboss in Chilly Valley

-New Superboss in Sea

-New Boss in Chilly Valley

-Frogfucius's student in Seaside Town has been replaced with a cameo character! Also has a second shop too!

-Armor system has been remade to be more similar to SMRPG: Armageddon (Go play that mod too pls :) )

-Too many new accessories to count (No seriously, lost count. Make sure you check the Seaside Town accessories shop.)

-Gunyolk and its unused counterpart have been replaced

-Added a new side quest involving Yoshi

-Gave Bowser Stat Boost

-Gave Mallow Poison Gas (Now Snow Cloud)

-Gave Daisy Lightning

-New Superboss in Grate Guy Casino

-Gave the player the option to make Bowser a mage

-Made many parts of the game more visually appealing (Palette changes, fixes, etc., forest maze has blueberries now, fixed moleville being green)

-Remastered Many Bosses

-CousinCatnip Remastered ALL of his songs, (Go follow him on his twitch :})

-You can now view the credits parade in a separate patch once you beat the game(YOU WILL NEED TO PROVIDE AN ADDITIONAL CLEAN ROM FOR THIS.)

-Froggy Chair.

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