Changing the SMB3 Damage System in the Blue Mario Bros 3 Hack

Started by AlejandroBernal1, September 05, 2022, 12:35:31 AM

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I'm a fan of SMB3 hacks, and I've been playing the Blue Mario Bros 3 hack.

But this hack has the Japanese SMB3 damage system, and in order to enjoy it more I want to change the damage system to the western one.
I tried following some steps of changing some values in a HEX Editor, as it was suggested in a post in this forum made in 2019. The post suggested to replace the values EA EA EA with 4C 15 DA at 0x019F9, and this properly worked on another hack which had the Japanese SMB3 damage system.
But this particular hack, the Blue Mario Bros 3. Already has the values 4C 15 DA at 0x019f9 instead of EA EA EA.

So this won't work in changing the damage system from Japanese to USA system :(
Any idea in how to achieve this with the Blue Mario Bros 3 hack?

Thanks in regard!