Magic Knight Rayearth (SNES) English Retranslation v1.02

Started by mziab, September 01, 2022, 05:51:55 AM

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mziab - thanks for looking at those issues, no need to make an update now, i have some time till i finish the game (i'm still didnt enter the silent forest) so i may end up reporting more problems along the way. ;)  :thumbsup:
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Thanks to author and people who report those little mistakes, this is a great improvement over the previous English translation.
For the sake of localization


mziab - i just finished the game and i have 3 reports inside the file below with 1 pic and info about it there:

I'd like to know if it would be possible for you to send me the file with all the text of the game, i had several other reports of typos with pics but i lost them because i forgot to put them in the pendrive before i formatted my hard disk.  :banghead: - This way i can find and report the problems again. If you wait a little bit till i send the issues you can submit a typo's free new update.
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Thanks for the report. Allow me to answer here:

Quote1.gif - The correct wouldn't be: "If it wasn't for you?"

This is the subjunctive, a form that's basically a hypothetical, like in "if I were you...". You're right in that it's often replaced with "was" in casual speech, but that's actually considered a mistake.

Quote2 - Several sentences in the game start with ...  - Perhaps this is common in the japanese language but not surely not in other languaes, it wouldn't be better to remove the 3 dots leaving them only in the end of sentences?

Yes, the Japanese sure love their ellipses. What you see is actually after I cut out the ones that were redundant. Sometimes ellipses do serve a purpose, for example as a show of hesitation. Most of the ones I've left in are just that. Removing them altogether would be a bit hasty. I'll need to think a bit longer on it.

Quote3 - In the end of the game there are a couple of phrases that say: "Let us leave or let us (do something), i'm not a native english speaker so i'm likely wrong about those but i was wondering if the correct would be: "Let's"

"Let's" is just the contracted form of "Let us". Depending on the style, the longer form is sometimes preferred, like in formal, serious speech. I've only used it twice in this script. I'll probably change the one said by Fuu, but the other one fits in with the Rune Gods' archaic speech.

As for the script, I'll send you a PM.


The patch has been updated to v1.02. It fixes typos and one cosmetic issue reported by Felipefpl. You can get it here for now. The RHDN project page is now up-to-date.


Nice, good to see all those things fixed. Thanks for the update. :thumbsup:
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Its awesome to see a new patch for this gem, thanks for all your work!
Would prefer to translate this in my foregin language, but hey! <3