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What bluetooth controller Just Works™?

Started by MysticLord, August 03, 2022, 04:53:13 PM

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Quote from: SmasherK on August 22, 2022, 11:17:33 PMI own one. also a brand-new computer with Bluetooth 5. The latency is poor, and it won't connect without being added as a new device each time.

I've heard that if you have the official XBOX USB dongle, all of these issues disappear.
I'm not glad that I got ripped off, but I'm relieved that it's not me but the controller (or rather it's dongle) that's the problem.

My 8bitdo arrived a few days ago, it works great as advertised. Half the emulators automatically detected and configured it without any effort on my part, the others just required a few clicks and button presses. Steam works perfectly with over a dozen games I tested. I haven't tested it on my new phone yet, but I doubt I'll have any problems.

Unfortunately the phone holder I ordered hasn't arrived yet, and I got a bunch of fraudulent charges shortly after that part of the order was processed, so I don't think that's ever coming. That part came directly from some factory in China. It had a different tracking number on some Chinese website that says it was delivered yesterday. The cameras pointed at my door and mailbox say otherwise.

Not a big deal though, I can just order it off Walmart's web site and let them deal with all that junk. Walmart has some thumb grips for sale too, or I could take a risk ordering direct again but give PayPal their pound of flesh this time.

Thanks for the advice, everyone, and especially Sliver X here for hand-holding my paranoid self through all this.


Quote from: fomad on August 04, 2022, 03:09:18 PMI'm gonna have to give another vote for 8bitdo.  I have an N30 pro 2 that I love.  The SN30 looks like it would be more functional but I like the small size of the N30 so I can take it in my pocket easily.  I have it paired with my phone and 2 different computers and can switch between them in seconds without having to re-pair.  Most 8bitdo controllers have a clip available for attaching a phone.  The battery lasts quite a while, definitely more than a dualshock and can be used while charging.  The dpad is the same as the NES and SNES which is a huge bonus, I cannot stand the dpad on xbox controllers and don't consider the buttons on the dualshock as a dpad.  The analog sticks take a little getting used to since the N30 has small ones and the triggers are not analog.  The SN30 has analog triggers and bigger sticks.  I use the controller for just about everything, I love using it for emulators because it really does feel like a Nintendo controller.  It also supports switch and has a gyro, with a little effort you can use the gyro on pc when the controller is in switch mode.
What are you talking about, "buttons on the Dual Shock"? The Dual Shock controllers have a cross for directions, they just have a retainer over the Center of the cross to sidestep the now-expired Nintendo D-pad patent.

Only the prototype shown in 1994 that never went to production had separate buttons for directions on a Sony control pad.