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No$psx 2.1

Started by Felipefpl, August 26, 2022, 10:01:24 AM

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I was expecting a bigger update after 5 years and a few days but whatever:

20 Aug 2022

help: released psxspx update, including new multi-page htm version
xed: editor supports ctrl+up/dn and ctrl+pgup/pgdn (as in help engine)
debug: shows correct branch-delay-opcode-address in tracelog/warnings/membreak
joypad/help: dualshock2 pinout, button-access, rumble-details (thanx scanlime)
boot/bios clone/emu/help: details on initial state of hardware registers
boot: forces display enable via GP1(03h)=0 (for Saga Frontier, thanks denim)
bios clone/help: workaround for hardware glitch on cdrom-irq-polling
bios clone: exception vector [86h]<>375Ah (avoid BRK(101h) in WCW Mayhem)
bios clone: patch_install_lightgun_irq_handler_k0_k1 (Star Wars: Rebel As 2)
cdrom/debug: warning on sector-size-change during reading (crash team arcade)
cdrom/debug: displays cdrom command names in tty debug message window
cdrom/emu: ensures matching sector_index/remain despite sector size changes
cdrom/emu: abort reading on command 0Ah (Init), required for MagDemo15
cdrom/emu: supports .cue files with separate .bin files for each track
debug: fixed buffered_3d_log crash in multi-machine mode
io/emu: fixed crash on 32bit reads from 2x16bit spu registers
io/emu: allows nonsense 1F801130h read (Gran Turismo 2, MagDemo27: GT2\*)
help: added specs for various psx file formats (archives, sound, video) (2021)
cdrom/debug: added filesystem viewer window for cdrom/memcard (summer 2021)
help: bugfix: bios C(03h) SysDeqIntRP is working (it's messy, but not bugged)
help: added Keyboard controllers chapter (various homebrew hardware hacks)
gpustat: supports even/odd FRAME for INTERLACE mode (for online cd)
ass/dis: supports GTE cop2 opcodes/register names (+opcode params)
debug: supports symbols and psyq line numbers from PsyQ .SYM files
debug: supports symbols and dwarf line numbers from PsxSdk .ELF files
cartloader: loads exe from .cpe/.elf files (works also for xboo exe uploads)
setup: option for polling joystick/gamepad every frame; SLOW on old gameports
setup: option for RAM size (2Mbyte for retail, or 8Mbyte for debug/testing)
bios clone: vcd/software: fixed noise on power-up (init reverb before memfill)
bios clone: fixed GUI bug up open/close lid (unexpected door IRQ5 when paused)
bios clone: fixed fast memcard access modes (forces pause between chip select)
bios clone: fixed installer filesize of PSX-EXP.EXE (needs 800h-byte align)
bios clone: removed gui's eject callback event (mistriggered when unformatted)
bios clone: added memcard pre-select delay (needed for some memcards/pockstat)
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