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Teenage Super Ninja Plumbers

Started by NesDraug, August 29, 2022, 04:02:40 AM

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Teenage Super Ninja Plumbers
by Nesdraug

This hack was made in one week for the SMB JAM on SMB ARENA´s discord. 
(The theme was "turtles") Most of the time I spent on making the music mashup of the Super Mario Bros soundtrack and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles soundtrack.

Another rather unique feature in this hack is that bridges will brake if the player tries to walk over them.

I think I'll improve on this hack and release it on RHDN some day.

The gamejam version does have some bugs that will be taken care of in the final version.
Things to fix:
- Pause crashes game!
- Make breakbridgecode stop spawning random blocks!
- Erase castle flag
- Make sure mario is hidden behind door
- Make Luigi playable by default
- Make Luigi& Mario take turns on player 1
- Add timer powerup?
- Add 3rd level to each world?
- 3-2 bonus area pipe placed wrong
- 3-2 give Mike a nunchuck
- Make all Bowsers true Bowser
- Make lifts look more like staff
- 4-1 make spawn lakitu more
- Also make mushroom at first ladder more fair 4-1
- A lot of blocks you cant hit under bridges 4-1
- Make Lakitu spawn faster
- Hammerbro walk faster
- Delete worlds after world 4
- Adjust remaining lives

Gamejam version:

Patch Super Mario Bros. 1 - W.nes with a ips patcher

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How did I miss this? I gotta give this a spin. 👊😎