Help fixing famicom jump to work on real hardware

Started by tbpbird, August 23, 2022, 12:47:41 PM

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Hi so i spoke with black paladin (the author of the English translation of famicom jump) he responded that he has no knowledge on how to fix the ROM to properly work on system.

I have a famicom board that i have modifed with sockets for PRG and CHR.
I have no problem booting up the Japanese version of famicom jump and other English translation of mapper 16 games, but when i try the english translation of famicom jump i get a grey screen,
My patched ROM works in emulator so the ROm is patched correctly.So i figure something is wrong with the English patch on real hardware. I think it has something to do with the intro when you turn on the system, should be a easy fix for someone with knowledge.
That would be great to be able to enjoy this game on actual system.


I can confirm that it works on my EverDrive N8 PRO(60pin) + famicom no issues, I only played for an hour so I dont know if its 100% working, but I didn't see anything unusual.


That sounds like it's either an issue having to do with how RAM is initialized on a flash cart vs. a real PCB, or (more likely) that something's going wrong with the socketed hardware being used.

Unfortunately sussing out the latter would bring us into repro cart territory, which is frowned upon -- that is, banned -- on this site. However it'd be good to rule out the RAM initialization issue, though a good emulator should allow for diagnosing that -- in other words, that it shouldn't work on an emulator if it wouldn't work on real hardware from a cold boot (as opposed to the things a flash cart does to "prepare the way").


Yeah, this sounds like a repro issue (given that Bandai is one of the hardware manufacturs that made a ton of custom hardware with minute differences between them). That is a topic not permitted on this site.
You'll have to find another site which caters to that discussion.
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