Translations: Famicom Jump: Eiyuu Retsuden 1.0 English Translation Released!!!

Started by RHDNBot, August 22, 2022, 08:01:16 AM

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Update By: BlackPaladin

Welcome to Jump World!  

It's time to celebrate Weekly Shounen Jump's 20th year anniversary with a game that has multiple manga titles converged into one single world.  Time to get your Rocket Punch ready to recruit sixteen heroes from many popular and obscure manga series and save Jump World from King Piccolo and his minions!

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So glad to see that!!!
So far so good it's a wonderful job!!!
Hope everyone will enjoy this game now
THANKS  :crazy:  :crazy:  :crazy:
Merci !!!!



You made it, BlackPaladin!! Congratulations! Super Chinese 3 (completed not long ago) and Famicom Jump were two nes games I was looking forward for a long time, and now here's the latter ;D

Thanks a lot to everyone involved in this translation. Gonna start playing it asap!



Pimpkie:  You're welcome!  I hope you enjoyed the patch!

SuperThunderBlade:  LOL, you're probably right.  Also, you're welcome!  ;)

aqualung:  I hope you enjoyed the game patch!

Zynk:  Thank you!  Also, thanks again for helping with the title screen!  :)

As an added aside, I've been receiving bug reports about the game patch.  I'm in the process of making an update to squash any script errors.  I've also been receiving conflicting reports on whether or not the patched game is playable on actual hardware.  I don't have the ability to check for myself, so I can't give my take on this issue.

Anyway, after I receive (and fix) all known errors in the game patch, I will be releasing an updated v1.01 game patch for Famicom Jump!  Thank you to everyone who's been enjoying the game so far!


.: TransGen :.


Thank you for all the comments and the bug reports!  v1.01 is currently in the pipeline and waiting to be released.  Here's what has been changed in the game patch...

1.  All references to "hono machine" has been changed to "reality machine"
2.  Fixed Saeko's line to read, "But he's a bit of a pervert."
3.  All references to "Time Bot" has been changed to "Mr. Time"
4.  Fixed an error in the line about King Piccolo being in his castle.
5.  All references to "Kinto Un" has been changed to "Kinto'un"
6.  Cancer Deathmask's line references "Yomotsu Hirasaka" instead of "the underworld"
7.  Fixed an error with Pisces Aphrodite's line
8.  All references to "Master Roshi" has been changed to "Muten Roshi".
9.  All references to "Eija's Sadness" has been changed to "Aja's Red Stone"
10.  All References to "Otogi Machine" has been changed to "Story Machine"
11.  Fixed one of Karin's lines to make it sound better.
12.  The character "Speed" has been renamed "Speedwagon"
13.  Jaki's introduction line in the last battle has been changed
14.  One of Arale's lines in the final battle has been slightly fixed
15.  Gemini Saga's "Demon Fist" attack in the final battle has been changed to "Maou Ken"
16.  "Demon Jr." has been changed to "Ma Junior"
17.  Reiki's "Shinma Keppaden" in the final battle has its text fixed
18.  Ending credits fixed
19.  Ryoutsu's line has been changed
20.  Added credit to Cavery210 for "Bug Reporting"
21.  Fixed text in both "Saki Station" and "Muda Station"

I don't know if this updated patch makes the game playable on actual hardware or not.  (I've received conflicting reports that it was and it was not.)  Unfortunately, I don't have the ability to check for myself.  If this does work on an NES, great!  If not, I apologize, and if someone could make it work, I'll accept that person's assistance and update the game patch accordingly.  (And give credit, of course)