Utilities: Advanced NES ROM Utility - Finally released!

Started by RHDNBot, September 07, 2022, 03:06:01 AM

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Update By: Dom

About one year after releasing Advanced SNES ROM Utility Dom-aka-Doke finally decided to create and release another utility for NES ROMs... the Advanced NES ROM Utility!

Following functions are included:

-Read iNES, NES2.0 and Nintendo header information
-Fix checksums in Nintendo header
-Split into single ROM files for burning (PlayChoice-10 support)
-Split into equal sized parts for burning (VS Unisystem support)
-Expand ROM (requires Nflate)
-Apply IPS, UPS, BPS, BDF and Xdelta patches

Have fun!

RHDN Project Page

Relevant Link


This would be interesting for using on hacking NES games. Thanks so much for this


Some feedback as I am a little confused.

Most roms I open don't show anything on the "Nintendo header" section and beacuse of that it cannot calculate the checksum so cannot see if its correct.

Or am I missing something or does this just mean the checksum doesn't need changed?

Also some games I got errors opening but not sure if I just have bad rom dumps

day dreaming davy dragon spirit, Faria, flying dragon. Flying warriors, ikari 3 the rescue, Ikari 2, Ikari Warriors, peter pan, starship hector, tag team wrestling, Tower Of radia, wrath of the black manta, arctic adventure, boulder dash, boy and his blob


Thanks for giving some feedback  8)

@ryouga As already noticed in the description: Nintendo headers are present in only about 33% of all games. This header also stores the checksums. If no Nintendo header is detected, there're also no checksums that can be fixed. I will take a closer look at the games you've mentioned.

Edit: I've testet some of the games without getting errors, so I guess you might have some bad dumps. What does the error say? Is it an 'index out of range' exception?


Sorry yes I noticed that afer.

I didn't note most of the error codes but just tried now and one of them tell me no valid header found

Game still works though, I thought it may be bad dumps.


'No valid header found' means that there's no iNES or NES2.0 header in your file. Do you use very old files with some deprecated header format? Can you open it using a hex editor (like HxD) and take a look if it begins with 'NES ' (4E 45 53 1A)?


Have replaced those files and now they open ok, strange how it happened though oh well.



Great!! Thank you very much!! :D


Thanks a lot, this is a very helpful utility!  :)

The project page's link for "News Articles for this Utility" (https://www.romhacking.net/?page=news&newssearch=1&project=http://www.romhacking.net/utilities/1699/) does not show this news post.

Is the source code available for this on github or something? I'd really like to see how all these functionalities are implemented.


Thanks for giving some feedback! :thumbsup:

There soon will be a new version anyway, so I can take a look the 'News Article' section and maybe fix that problem.

Sourcecode is already hosted on Github, but not public at the moment.
I can change that with the next release, if you are interested  :)