Crystal Editor 3 - An upcoming tool to easily make game editors, no coding needed!

Started by dawnbomb, August 18, 2022, 11:27:38 AM

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It has been 3 months, and crystal editor is close to entering a viable beta. If anyone out there with C# or VB knowledge wants to help, let me know.

Additionally, if anyone has a game reverse engineered some and wants to submit a game / some info for example editors, let me know as well.


There is a few projects on GitHub by other people, might as well post them here, they are good for a editor project, they are also a good starting point:

1: Ufouria Disassembly, by vinheim3: Github Link (Partial, But can still see the levels/palettes/tilesets, etc.)

2: The "Super Mario" NES Disassembly Project,

SMB1 and SMB2j(Lost Levels) by Doppleganger:
RHDN Link for SMBDis
RHDN Link for SMB2jDis

SMB2(U) by XKeeper:
Github Link

SMB3 By Captain Southbird and Drakim (ASM6 Port):
Github Link

There is even more on Github... including a Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle disassembly, a Milk and Nuts disassembly, as well as several successful Zelda disassemblies.
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