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NFL Blitz N64 Decompression

Started by ultramagnus1982, August 27, 2022, 09:44:00 AM

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Quote from: Zoinkity on October 07, 2011, 10:35:29 AM

Updated with more stuff and filelists.  Has a search feature for easy-to-look-for headers.

You'll probably notice there's a lot more than just Midway's types in here.  The whole project started getting out of hand.  Blame Subdrag.

As a special note, the Densha de Go! 64 decompressor is accurate.  Most emulators will not accurately decompress these files, as a bug in the game returns the wrong amount of data to read from ROM.  Console isn't affected since the amount of data read is always in quadwords or something like that.  Anyway, decompressed dumps from emulators of any compressed file over 0x7FE bytes long will bear some kind of error.


I'm a huge fan of your hack for NFL Blitz and have been using it to make updates each of the past few seasons. However, this season, there is 4 of us remastering the entire game from logos, mid field, jerseys, rosters and everything we can edit. We did however run into a wall for the sounds. I did notice and see some things in the forum and thought to reach out. We are looking to change the audio files in the game, but can't figure it out and the N64 Sound Tool doesn't allow use to import sounds. Any help or guidance would be a huge help.



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