Altering walking movement of enemies in Double Dragon 2 for NES

Started by olafurson, August 13, 2022, 09:26:02 AM

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Good morning all!

I've been a huge fan of Double Dragon and Double Dragon 2 for the NES since I was 9 years old (yeah it's been a minute) and as I've been playing around with ROMS and game genie codes and such, I've encountered a problem nobody so far has been able to solve.

In Double Dragon 2 for NES, enemies will move in to strike, but then annoyingly will randomly (?) move away after a couple of hits. I would like to find some way to convince them NOT to walk away midway through their attack cycle, so I don't have to chase them around to beat them up.

I and two others have tried to no avail to locate the portion of code where this particular movement is described, and I would love some help locating and disabling it.
Fan of Double Dragon and Double Dragon 2 for NES (among others)


Please do not ask or offer money to others to do hacking work for you. It is against the forum rules to do that as most members of the site are hobbyists who do this in their free time for fun. If you wish to learn how to hack, then this is the right place. If not, then please go elsewhere.

From the rules of thumb:

QuotePosts where members attempt to sell or buy products, or solicit or offer labor in exchange for monetary compensation are prohibited. If you wish to engage in such discussions with other members, use private messaging or another communication medium


Ahh my bad! I read the rules but must have glossed over that important one. Thank you for your help! I've altered my post, hopefully it fits the rules. If not, I'll be happy to rewrite it. :)
Fan of Double Dragon and Double Dragon 2 for NES (among others)


It's not for Double Dragon specifically, but I have a couple videos that show how to locate your RAM Address in NES games using FCEUX. I hope it's helpful.