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Link's Awakening Anniversary Edition

Started by tobiasvl, May 03, 2023, 08:21:24 AM

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Yes, I've been thinking a bit about marc_max's idea lately too. I see two problems:

  • SELECT is awkward to press together with the D-pad on an actual Game Boy console. This is obviously not a problem on emulators. I could use SELECT + A/B to cycle between presets instead though.
  • There's no such thing as an "empty" preset once the player has collected all the items (minus the boomerang, potentially), and each preset will in fact need to save the entire inventory, not just the A and B slots. (The game's inventory consists of the items assigned to the A and B buttons plus all the other slots; the A and B button slots are just the two first slots in the inventory). Not sure how big of a problem this is, but any empty preset will become non-empty eventually (if they follow the same algorithm as the main game does, they'll all be filled with the shield and sword first since the game fills the A and B slots first; if I change it so the other presets fill the A and B slots last, the empty presets will still change eventually). This will likely, at the very least, require some indicator on the main screen for telling the player what preset is active, since by default all presets could potentially just contain the shield and sword.

Otherwise I like it. I'll have to play around with it a little.

Other thoughts:
  • If I keep SELECT + D-pad to cycle presets, it could be combined with my idea of using SELECT + A/B to cycle single items.
  • Instead of using SELECT + UP/DOWN to cycle through presets, one could perhaps use SELECT + UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT to select a preset directly (and have four presets instead of three). Not sure which one is better.