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Landstalker Editor v0.2 Released

Started by lordmir, July 04, 2023, 05:14:16 AM

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Just released v0.2 of Landstalker Editor (formerly Landstalker Graphics Viewer) This tool can edit most of the content of the Sega Genesis / MegaDrive game Landstalker. It also works with disassemblies as well, allowing for bigger and more complex ROM hacks.

I've decided to rename this project from "Landstalker Graphics Viewer" to "Landstalker Editor", as this tool can now edit ROMs and disassemblies. It is also not limited to editing graphics.

Video Demonstration:

Download Link:
(Available for Windows and Linux)

Incomplete User Guide: (Work-in-progress, however this does list the keyboard shortcuts.)

The following features have been added in this release:
  • Added ability to edit most data associated with rooms:
    • Entity Placement and Properties
    • Warp Placement and Properties
    • Entity Flags (hide entity when flag set/clear, hide 'locked door' entity when unlocked, etc.)
    • Room flag transitions, fall destination and climb destination
    • Room properties - tileset, blockset, palette and BGM
    • Heightmap data
    • Chest Contents
    • Dialogue Mapping
    • Save game and Island Map locations
    • Note: Still to come - 3D map editing.
  • Can now view and edit all strings
  • Can now view and edit all palettes
  • Can now view and edit all tilesets
    • Can also edit animated tiles, as well as changing their properties (animation speed, etc.)
  • Can edit other miscellaneous graphics (fonts, UI, etc.) as well as 2D maps (logos, island map, etc.)
  • Added Blockset viewer
  • Basic Sprite frame graphic editing capabilities
  • "IDE-type" features (assemble code and run code from within the editor)
  • Integration with the Landstalker Disassembly v0.2, including automatic assembly generation.
  • Export and import of map, tileset, palette and string data

Next on the list will be adding support for editing the "3D" room maps.


It would be nice to remove the black horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen to increase the viewing area.
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You're a beast! That's a lot of progress since your first topic. Well done :beer:

I wonder, are the unused enemies functional? I suppose you could use the editor to place them somewhere.



Thanks all!  :beer:

In answer to your questions:

Yes, the unused enemies can be used. The AI is a bit lacking for the bird/harpy enemies (they don't really try to chase you around), but otherwise they all can be used.

The only exception is the "magic fox" - he has no stats or AI defined.

I've put together a short video demo here:

Unfortunately, probably isn't going to be that easy getting rid of the black borders. If you play with the layer select, you can see what those borders are covering up:

In order to remove those borders, the drawing routines will need to be altered significantly, and getting it right will possibly exceed what the Megadrive is capable of.

In other news, 3D map editing is almost complete:

Just need to add the UI controls, but the basic copy/place tile functionality is there. Map editing can be a bit laggy for larger maps, especially if you are using a large monitor or have the zoom turned up. Some more work is required in optimising the drawing routines.

Also have included the ability to export/import maps from Tiled. This provides a much more powerful interface for map editing, including scripting capabilities.

I'm also looking at adding support for managing the tile swapping effects - e.g. locked doors, vines, etc - where map tiles get copied when certain events happen, or certain flags are set. This feature should be ready to go soon.


Im not even a fan of the game, but its always impressive to see work like this.

Keep the good work going!  :thumbsup:

Antonio Nero

Wonderful work. I'm a fun of this game since I was a kid.