Chrono Trigger enabling layer 3 tile set animations

Started by FireBrandWhip, August 02, 2022, 05:27:57 PM

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There is a certain order of enabling tile animations...
Using a hex editor to change these values:

West Cape Pallet
3DF9E7 88 (was 7F)
3DF9E8 00 (was 00) - no change.

Dactlys Nest Pallet
3DFA67 88 (was 53)
3DFA68 00 (was 04)...

Ocean Palace(blue) Pallet
3DF9FB 88 (was 18)
3DF9FC 00 (was 01)...

Frogs house/Algetty Pallet
3DFA3D C4 (was 00)
3DFA3C 02 (was 92)...

North Cape Pallet
3DFA4D 88 (was 3B)
3DFA4E 00 (was 03)...

These unlock the static tile set layer 3 to enable animations on layer 3 via the pallet animations... Where there weren't layers retail animations used--otherwise the layer 3 will be static and not moving!
I am trying to build the full list does anybody does anyone know more about this or can add to it would be appreciated!! 🙏

This could help us build the tile set editor!!