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Someone new Castlevania

Started by oozarusama, July 24, 2022, 03:32:07 AM

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good with everyone I am new to the community a query if I want for example to edit or change the names or titles say in the game castlevania sotn psx that materials or utilities I need first thanks for the answer that I get  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:


I am assuming you mean title screen rather than an internal name*.

*some flash carts, drive emulators, firmwares and whatnot read internal names so people do occasionally need/want to do such a thing.

Anyway so there is a big thread with title screen hacks

Generally... actually title screens are often in some ways different to other parts of the game as it is a big showy thing that might be on the demo on a TV in a shop somewhere where nobody cares if NPC in forgettable village 75% of the way through the game is maybe not as memorable as things could be.
Ostensibly it is however going to be a mix of graphics editing and text editing (press start to play usually being text, as might be menu options) with graphics probably being the bigger part. Audio may come in as well but that is usually more in various takes on region reversions and such.
To that end tile editors/texture editors, figuring out mapping formats, figuring out any animations (if necessary -- animations might be background only and the final thing after control is given to the player tends to be more static with maybe a minor glint or something animated on top of it all.). On the PS1 I have also had a few be different resolutions to the in game resolution (more detail is more better for flashy things I guess).

There is a popular PS1 graphics format called TIM for which you can find a few editors/viewers around here. Owing to the whole title screens are showpieces thing then chances of games where art is front and centre like Castlevania (if there is one game people know the title screen art for it is Final Fantasy but Castlevania tends to make the top 5) being TIM is rather less than it being used for some aspect of the rest of the game.