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Breath of Fire 1 randomiser by a complete novice

Started by pelador, July 09, 2022, 01:19:12 PM

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So I've finally sat down, bit the bullet and began my attempt at building a randomiser for Breath of Fire 1 on the Super Nintendo. I'm a complete novice and have only the slightest idea what I'm doing. My first step was taking the existing randomiser for Breath of Fire 2 made by Abyssonym and stripping it of anything specifically related to that game. Fusions, Shamans, the prologue, ect.

Next step is probably the hardest part. Making sure I use the correct hex addreses. Because of course it's very unlikely that the sequel uses exactly the same addresses as the previous game. Although during my research I found they are located in similar places, which makes it much easier to track down the specific hex that I will need. Providing I can do this correctly then I intend to then create a form with buttons. The Breath of Fire 2 randomiser uses command prompt only and I'd prefer a more modern approach to selecting the settings for it. At first this project will be a private construction but if I can somehow do it all well then maybe we can see it on Github one day.

All advice is much appreciated.


What info do you need, and what resources have you found?


I found a website that lists the starting offset for the item data and the spell data. So that's really useful. However they don't list enemy data or treasure chests. Those are two item lists that I could really do with as I am modding the existing item tables for the second game to be compatible with the first. Without them I am at an impass.