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ROM Hacks: Small ZAMN is Released!

Started by RHDNBot, July 04, 2022, 02:03:35 AM

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Update By: Zombie101

Small ZAMN is Here! Using The Necrofy ZAMN Editor by Piranhaplant, Zombie101 Was Able to Edit ALL Levels to Be Super Tiny! This Hack is a Mix of Hard And Easy as The Levels Are So Small that it Puts Monsters, Victims And The Players All Beside Each Other! This Hack is Winnable in 20 Minutes to an Hour Depending on How Fast Players Blast Through it, Where as The Original Game Took up to an Hour And a Half at Least. This Hack Will Bring a Fun Short Experience For Anyone Who Wants to Give it a Try! In This Hack You Will get to see:

-56 New Levels!

-New Sprites!

-New Palettes!

-New Passwords!

-New Animations!

-You Start With Random Starting Items!

-New Features!

-New Scores!

-New Credit Messages!

-Reverse Item Cycling And More!

a Lot of Hard Work And Effort Went Into This Hack And Was Built in Pretty Much 1 Day!


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