[Technical] [NES] Looking for NES ASM Hacker for Famicom Jump: Heroes History

Started by BlackPaladin, June 28, 2022, 12:46:22 AM

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I'm sure there are some who are expecting my Famicom Jump project to finally be publically released.  (As do I.)  Well, the game is in need of an NES ASM hacker who can change a few things in the game.  (As of now, the game's script has been translated, edited, and inserted into the game... which was not an easy task, mind you.)  So far, the ASM hacker I had asked to help out for did fix some issues in-game but has yet to fix this, and since this person is very busy with other projects, I'm looking for another ASM hacker who can help out with the issues in-game that needs fixing.

These are the issues that are currently in need of address:

1.  Battle Menus need fixing.

As you can see, the text in the picture displayed in the battle menus has some cavespeak on-screen, but I couldn't find the lines in the ROM which correspond with the text in the game.  "NBhB" is supposed to display "Life" whereas "JJq" is supposed to display "Soul".

2.  Line of text under "Allies" in Game Menus

When selecting "Allies" in the Game Menus, there's a line of mojibake that cannot be changed normally.  It should be displayed as "Which one?"  (This is displayed if one or more character is recruited in a certain area, past or present.  If you're in an area where you have no ally recruited, the text "I am alone" is displayed.

3.  Line of text in Momo's mini-game 

This is something I tried fixing myself.  Originally, Momo's name in this mini-game is displayed with only two characters, but when I inserted Momo's full name in the area of the ROM, the text is shifted by one tile, due to RLE compression used in the area.  What I would like is to have this text shifted back so that text is aligned correctly.  As of now, I haven't fixed this yet, but if someone else can do this for me, that would be great.

This issue has been fixed, thanks to some advice from Gideon Zhi.  (Thanks again!)

4.  What choices to make when going to the "Local Diner"

This appears when choosing to eat at the "Local Diner" to replenish the heroes' health.  Originally, the text in-game was supposed to read as "Eat" or "Don't Eat", but I would like it to display as "Yes" for the first option and "No" for the second option.  When I tried fixing this myself, the "E" and "a" was changed in both choices.  I'm hoping someone can fix this so that "Yes" and "No" can be displayed in-game.

Edit:  As of now, the patch is live and all issues have been resolved.  This thread can be safely locked now.