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Tales of Phantasia SNES (Enhancement) (Slow WIP)

Started by justin3009, September 06, 2011, 07:33:56 PM

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I'm so glad to see you're still working on this, I can't stress enough how much I need this lol. Thank you!

Quote from: justin3009 on April 09, 2021, 06:55:31 AM
Holy Bottles, unfortunately, set the steps to #$FF (255) when used which is the max.

As a compromise maybe you could make it like Repels in Pokemon games, as in when the effect wears off the game will ask if you want to use another one right away.

Also, what about MSU-1 support? There's already a patch somewhere, though I assume it's not compatible with how much you're moving stuff around.


holy crap i didn't know you started on this in 2011!  and i can also state i'm very much looking forward to this release :).


Quote from: DarioEMeloD on August 27, 2021, 05:37:22 AM
Also, what about MSU-1 support? There's already a patch somewhere, though I assume it's not compatible with how much you're moving stuff around.

That's honestly a good question. I'm not sure what was all done for MSU-1 support. I'd probably have to take a look at their changes and shift any of my data somewhere else to accommodate if it does overwrite something.

Quote from: RayofJay on August 27, 2021, 07:57:29 AM
holy crap i didn't know you started on this in 2011!  and i can also state i'm very much looking forward to this release :).

I'm hoping it'll live up to expectations. It's not like a full on revamp of the literal entire game but it does have quite a few QOL updates and stuff. I'm a little worried people will over expect and be let down lol.
'We have to find some way to incorporate the general civilians in the plot.'

'We'll kill off children in the Juuban district with an infection where they cough up blood and are found hanging themselves from cherry blossom trees.'


no worries, RPGs are notoriously difficult to hack into and get a lot changed.  And its just you hacking it right?  FF6 RotDS and others had an entire team hacking away.


I'm going to make a list here of pretty much every update I've made on Twitter in chronological order so it's easier to know what has changed and when:

May 13th, 2018:   - BATTLE - Displays Brambard in battle.
June 17th, 2018:   - BATTLE - Showcasing it's somewhat possible for a new lead PC in battle.
June 21st, 2018:   - BATTLE - Mint solo in battle partially working.
June 21st, 2018:   - BATTLE - Something that should NOT have happened.  :laugh:
July 1st, 2018:               - BATTLE - Chester mostly playable as the lead. Brambard in battle (WIP).
July 4th, 2018:   - BATTLE - Klarth playable with spell cancelling. ALL PCs but Arche can be played in battle.
July 14th, 2018:   - BATTLE - Cless range testing.
July 15th, 2018:   - BATTLE - Chester melee attack.
July 22nd, 2018:   - BATTLE - Chester capable of running now manually.
July 22nd, 2018:   - Dialogue test editing. (NSFW "humor")
August 25th, 2018:   - BATTLE - All PCs with manual mode mostly coded in, redid voice/SFX table, added in Rhea Scarlet's voices.
August 29th, 2018:   - BATTLE - Mint completely redone in new code and sprites have been moved. Multiple weapon graphics.
August 29th, 2018:   - BATTLE - Rhea is partially playable.
September 30th, 2018:   - BATTLE - Mint with Up + A attack sequence.
October 7th, 2018:   - BATTLE - Arche playable and moved like other characters with dynamic shadow coding. (Shadow needs to be re-coded badly now)
November 19th, 2018:   - BATTLE - Cless jumping WIP and also moved entirely to new spot in ROM for extra coding and graphics.
December 19th, 2018:   - BATTLE - Party of Arche's using Fireball with new voices implemented.
December 19th, 2018:   - BATTLE - Party of Cless's using Demon Fang.
December 23rd, 2018:   - BATTLE - Cless weapon redo attempt #1.
December 25th, 2018:   - BATTLE - Debug animation in battle setup.
January 5th, 2019:   - BATTLE - Rhea playable with more sprites.
January 6th, 2019:   - 8 letter names now possible.
January 6th, 2019:   - BATTLE - Cless finished jumping and aerial attack implemented.
January 13th, 2019:   - BATTLE - Rhea with basic attack but hilariously broken knockback.
January 19th, 2019:   - BATTLE - Re-coded battle menu a tiny bit.
January 20th, 2019:   - BATTLE - Cless manual mode mostly done. Up + A attack implemented now. Updated voice table for basic attacks.
February 6th, 2019:   - BATTLE - First attempt at a new spell also a custom voice for Mint.
February 13th, 2019:   - BATTLE - New projectile setup is implemented. Tested with adding a "Hell Pyre" graphic for Chester.
March 3rd, 2019:   - Arche/Rhea learning spell from bookcases WIP. Little humor here.
March 10th, 2019:   - Showcasing Rhea being recruited. Added a new line for Klarth to state where to go and an updated font. Using some of the iOS translation for this scene.
March 17th, 2019:   - BATTLE - Klarth Up + A attack sequence added.
March 25th, 2019:   - Updating all "Lia" text codes to be "Rhea". Fun stuff happened. Don't Ctrl + A/replace kids!
April 6th, 2019:   - BATTLE - Battle targeting redone attempt #1.

April 6th 2019 to about June 2019: Break to work on Paper Mario 64 adding Partner HP, Defend command and documenting unused data.
July 2019 to about September 2019: Worked on the Sailor Moon - Another Story retranslation. My side of the work is done. It's up to the translation group to finish it.
October 2019 to mid January 2020: Working with Game Maker Studio 2.

January 24th, 2020: - BATTLE - Chester using "Hell Pyre". Massive breakthrough here since new voices implemented and other PCs using new artes!
January 29th, 2020: - BATTLE - Chester with arte ranges implemented. Semi-auto and manual function now. Generalized some PC code so everyone uses the same thing.
February 1st, 2020: - BATTLE - Chester using "Ice Fang" with alternate voices. Alternate voices has been removed since due to space constraints.
February 2nd, 2020: - BATTLE - Chester using "Ice Fang" with particles when colliding with enemy. This has been removed and uses a larger singular graphic now.
February 8th, 2020: - Testing out a much longer voice clip.
February 16th, 2020: - BATTLE - Brambard using a new spell "Burning Strike" from Tales of Destiny 2. Rhea sprites updated.
February 18th, 2020: - BATTLE - Mint using "Pow Hammer" and it deals damage. Pow Hammer has been COMPLETELY redone.
February 19th, 2020: - BATTLE - Mint using "Pow Hammer" with new graphics and dealing damage. Stun chance is still there, damage is always happening.
February 20th, 2020: - BATTLE - Mint using "Pow Hammer" that's finalized. When hitting an enemy, it has a 50% chance to bounce either direction and fade out.
March 4th, 2020: - Redoing the Main Menu begins.
March 9th, 2020: - Main Menu mostly done. BG4 now used for dynamic VWF strings, new prerendered VWF strings and completely new menu code. Intellect stat introduced but not functioning.
March 11th, 2020: - Redoing the elemental resistances attempt #1. This has all been removed since then.
March 12th, 2020: - Status Menu being redone WIP.
March 14th, 2020: - Status Menu now displaying resistances with the prior resist code.
March 22nd, 2020: - Status Menu with Star Ocean feature showing more than one PC available. Naming Menu is done but "Random" names still don't work. LJSTAR_ did the new resist icon graphics.
March 27th, 2020: - Custom Menu changed to Options Menu which has been completely redone. Music and SFX Volume feature added!
April 7th, 2020: - Save/Load Menu completely redone.
April 13th, 2020: - NEW MENU WIP - Switch Menu - Swap any character into any slot.
April 18th, 2020: - Switch Menu completely done.
April 22nd, 2020: - BATTLE - Chester new arte WIP. (This hasn't been touched since but it will be done sometime).
May 9th, 2020: - Inventory Menu updated with prerendered item names.
May 16th, 2020: - Inventory Menu with updated description boxes and new pages for more stat showcasing.
May 21st, 2020: - Inventory Menu with updated description boxes now complete.
June 20th, 2020: - Redid menu code so now it completely reloads all tiles when leaving the menu. This allows for more graphics in VRAM for various strings.
July 8th, 2020: - Artes Menu WIP.
July 11th, 2020: - Artes Menu mostly complete.
July 19th, 2020: - Redoing the menu from scratch again due to massive VRAM changes.
July 31st, 2020: - Redoing the Shop Menu WIP. Are youCreamy
August 1st, 2020: - Redoing the Shop Menu mostly complete.
August 2nd, 2020: - Shop Menu complete. All other menus are complete at this point as well.
August 3rd, 2020: - Toying with minor event editing.
August 23rd, 2020: - BATTLE - Magic Menu mostly complete.
September 17th, 2020: - Redoing arte/spell values in events due to MASSIVE changes in how they function. Results in this HILARIOUS gem.
October 25th, 2020: - Toying with events again but discovering a weird function for when all PCs are dead.
November 22nd 2020: - BATTLE - Cless's arte "Guardian Field" is being massively updated.
November 23rd, 2020: - BATTLE - Cless's arte "Beast" is being massively updated WIP.
November 25th, 2020: - BATTLE - Cless's arte "Beast" now complete!
November 26th, 2020: - BATTLE - First "Ougi" attack for Cless is complete! Code for Ougi's are MUCH more condensed and easier to work with than the original game!
November 26th, 2020: - BATTLE - Cless's arte "Beast Blade" is complete.
November 26th, 2020: - BATTLE - Cless's arte "Beast Spear is complete.
November 26th, 2020: - BATTLE - Cless's arte "Beast Sword Rain" is complete.
November 26th, 2020: - BATTLE - Testing combining random artes. This time it's "Swallow Dance" + "Hell Pyre".
November 26th, 2020: - BATTLE - Testing combining random artes. This time it's "Swallow Dance" + "Void Tempest".
December 16th, 2020: - BATTLE - Arte string displaying is being redone. WIP.
December 18th, 2020: - BATTLE - Arte string display is done. Subtitles have been added for the introduction.

February 17th, 2021: - SFX/Voice replacement in-side joke humor.
February 23rd, 2021: - Introduction is mostly done but have to update timing. New voices for introduction sequence. Mint, Arche and Klarth now have completely updated voices.

April 11th, 2021: - QOL update. Sorcerer's Ring accessory is now moved to a Key Item. It can now be used by pressing "Select" any time on the field.
May 23rd, 2021: - BATTLE - Cless's LAST arte to be ported and done, "Rising Phoenix" is now finished. All ougis were completed soon after this.
May 24th, 2021: - BATTLE - Experimenting with Cless for fun. Tried making "Tenshou Jigenzan", from Tales of the Rays, with the voice included. Dubbed it "Soaring Distortion Blade" for funsies.

May 24th, 2021: - BATTLE - New Cless arte ported from Tales of Phantasia GBA version and Reid's arte from Tales of Eternia. The arte being, "Rending Tiger Blade", aka "Mouko Rengekiha".

June 22nd, 2021: - BATTLE - Large thread here. Klarth has a new arte he starts with called "Caladrius". It's possibly plot breaking but I wasn't sure what else to do with him to make him useful right at the start. It's a minor summon spirit that he'll start with along with a new Pact Ring. The game itself stated that there are many minor summon spirits and even major ones they haven't discovered yet. I figured it'd be good to give Klarth a minor one to start with that deals purely Physical damage unlike the others that deal specific elemental damage. This makes him far, far more useful at the start of the game.

There's more updates to be posted for 2021 but the text limit has been hit.
'We have to find some way to incorporate the general civilians in the plot.'

'We'll kill off children in the Juuban district with an infection where they cough up blood and are found hanging themselves from cherry blossom trees.'


Okay, I want to play this.  Where do I download this?


It's not out yet, Justin's been hard at work for many years, but he updates his Twitter pretty frequently, more often than here. I'd follow him on there to get updates/find out when it drops.


Second part of all updates:

July 8th, 2021: - New items are now possible to add with new graphics, palettes, stats, names, etc... Chamomile from Tales of Vesperia has been added as a permanent stat boost for "Intellect" which effects "Magic Attack". Saffron has been added as the new one for "Agility", also from Tales of Vesperia. Saffron also now updates "Agility" and "Evasion". Updating Agility alone was useless since it's used SPECIFICALLY for blocking.. but as a minor addition. Evasion is the "key" stat for this. The formula for blocking an attack in battle is, "Evasion + (Agility / 3).

July 25th, 2021: - BATTLE - New menu graphics done by LJSTAR_. New Options Menu command to disable NPC Spell Cast scrolling. So when an NPC is off screen and casts a spell, it won't forcefully adjust the camera to their position anymore. I've also added another new feature in the menu when there's no spell pausing spell on screen. If you press "L/R", it'll move the battle camera left or right to view what's going on and where.

July 31st, 2021: - BATTLE - Mint now has "Charge" added from later versions of Tales of Phantasia. However, it's currently using Tales of Eternia's version of it. 100 TP is taken from her and given to another character.

August 1st, 2021: - BATTLE - Mint's spell "Barrier" has been completely redone. It hasn't been shown in video on Twitter or anything, but Pow Pow Hammer has been completely redone as well. It'll drop three pow hammers instead of one onto an enemy but with varied spread so some could miss if the enemy is moving.

August 4th, 2021: - BATTLE - Mint has a new spell now taken from Tales of Eternia and is currently unused in Tales of the Rays. The spell is "Holy Bliss". It'll allow a PC to regenerate 5% HP periodically. Very similar to the "Holy Rune/Relic" item in the game. This was implemented mainly because there ACTUALLY is an unused spell variant for HP regeneration that's separate from the item. And with her having a voice for it in Tales of the Rays and Tales of Eternia having it as HP regeneration, this made perfect sense to me.

August 15th, 2021: - BATTLE - Arche's spell "Ice Needle" has been completely redone like later versions of Tales of Phantasia. The higher the level, the more needles produced. They also use far less sprites than the OG game. Fireball has been updated with this as well.

October 31st, 2021: - BATTLE - Sharpness added and completed replacing Valkyrie. Although, Valkyrie still exists in-game entirely, just unused. Also added in effects to display when a status is increased or decreased. (IE: ATK UP/DOWN, DEF UP/DOWN).

November 6th, 2021: - BATTLE - Current compilation of Mint's updated spells and new spells. Pow Hammer, Pow Pow Hammer and Barrier have been heavily updated. Sharpness and Charge are new versions of their counterparts from TOP PS1. Hammer Rain and Holy Bliss are entirely new for Mint.

November 6th, 2021: Not listed in Twitter, but encounter rate has been adjusted. Overall, it takes a hardset 16 more steps for a battle to occur. Can freely modify this as necessary or make it an RNG amount.
'We have to find some way to incorporate the general civilians in the plot.'

'We'll kill off children in the Juuban district with an infection where they cough up blood and are found hanging themselves from cherry blossom trees.'


Hey Justin! I remember you from the late Phantasian Productions forums. I've been on a little nostalgia kick which somehow led me to your latest youtube upload which inspired me to come back here and see if you had a thread about this.

This project sounds extremely awesome and it looks equally impressive, and from one ToP hacker to another I can't tell you how much I freaking dig the effort you've poured into the menus. Doing the menu aesthetics was easily one the most enjoyable times I had with the Phantasian PS1 project, but I imagine the effort required to do what you've done on the SNES was greatly more involving working within its limitations. I've long desired to do something akin to this project with the PS1 version and Tales of Destiny PS1 but regrettably that's beyond my abilities and as I am now don't see myself acquiring them.

I was reading through the old posts and saw there was some discussion in regards to the name of Brambard/Brambert/Rambard/Brambald etc. I know it's basically been decided but I'll chime in that Brambald was a conscious choice in the PP localization patch in the thinking it could've been a similar sounding reference to or pun of sorts on the word bramble, as in reference to plants. I thought it worked well since he's an elf, and the elves' culture is intimately linked with nature. Brambard would have been my choice otherwise though. I straight up wasn't feeling Brambert lol.

SNES encounter rate comments: I seem to remember dashing with the jet boots actually doubled the encounter rate for some reason. Like I remember experimenting with savestates, and an encounter happened in exactly half the distance while dashing than when not. Makes me wonder if it was a math error bug actually intended to double the distance before an encounter instead of halving it. /2 instead of an intended *2. My theory being they didn't want it to seem like dashing made the encounter rate seem higher but they ended up doing that even worse with the possible bug. Shoot me if I'm recalling a false memory.

Pie in the sky idea that I'm also not knowledgeable enough about: implement the SA-1 chip. Perhaps the performance boost afforded by it could be used in a potential 60 FPS upgrade for the battle system (my biggest technical complaint with the SNES version are the battles being locked at 30 FPS, presumably due to a lack of processing power of the base SNES CPU). Whether that works or not, perhaps the additional processing power of the SA-1 could also be useful in your plans to reduce or eliminate spell pause or any other potentially CPU-demanding ideas you may have.

You also mentioned at the start of the thread that you didn't want to take anything from other fan translations but I'm giving you permission to use anything from the PP patch as you wish if there's anything of value in it for you. One caveat is that the title Alvein Successor was borrowed from Absolute Zero with expressed permission from throughhim413. I can't recall if I borrowed anything else from his project but I do remember him giving permission to borrow anything I liked from it.


Oh wow! I didn't expect to see a post from you Cless! Nice to see you again!

I'm super happy that you enjoy the work I've done on the menu! There's still a few caveats here and there with it but I'm absolutely proud of the work that went into it. I greatly enjoy messing with menus, apparently, as I discovered that love with this project.

OH! I didn't even think of the idea of it being related to bramble! That's actually ingenious. It's right in my face and I didn't even think about that in the slightest. That makes a lot of sense now seeing it. Oh yeah, Brambert was just.. nope right away from me lol.

That's something I never actually looked into with running. I think it's pretty much based on how many steps you take, but since running has you take more and faster steps, that's probably what causes the encounter rate to be so high. I've greatly reduced the encounter rate overall but I could definitely look into this and maybe reduce it a bit more in general or see about it being less intrusive when running.

I've talked to a few people about the SA-1 chip and while I'd love to do that, that is well beyond my skill level. Even then, I'm not sure if the SA-1 is feasible with the ROM being expanded to 8MB now. While it'd probably fix the lag, the main issue overall especially in battles is VRAM. There's just not enough VRAM to accommodate all the sprites and what not. I learned that pretty fast when I went to modify all the characters in battle. I'm surprised the game even functions as well as it does to be honest.

If I get around to fully redoing the dialogue, I might have to take up that offer! I've been only redoing some of the major events in the game using the iOS translation/GBA with some alterations but it's all been the "official" translation. (Minus Kangaroo, of course!)
'We have to find some way to incorporate the general civilians in the plot.'

'We'll kill off children in the Juuban district with an infection where they cough up blood and are found hanging themselves from cherry blossom trees.'


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