ROM Hacks: Kenseiden - Korean sprite hack released

Started by RHDNBot, June 30, 2022, 01:31:08 PM

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Update By: alien nose job

Many levels, a non-linear game path, big sprites, lots of bosses, an eerie mood with demons running at you from everywhere, a really good FM synth soundtrack (for the Japanese version or on emulator), an expandable set of moves and a hero that has two sets of sprites : one facing left, the other facing right.

Kenseiden is a great game for the Sega Master System, if not one of the best.

Another peculiarity is that the hero is a bright orange with a somewhat stiff look in the Japanese and US/EUR version.

This game has been re-released in Korea under the name "Hwarang Ui Geom" with redrawn sprites for the hero.

This hack ports these new sprites to the US version of the game and adds a few minor tweaks to some background elements as well as alternate palettes for the hero.
Every change is optional for anyone to choose what he prefers.

The author did not make it very clear in his forum thread but he would like to make this hack evolve into a general improvement mod by changing a few gameplay elements, but would need guidance.
If you want to help, you can contribute using the relevant link.

RHDN Project Page

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