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Rally-X for Gameboy Classic - please help

Started by verme, February 26, 2021, 10:37:39 AM

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Hi guys,
This time I'm creating a hack for gameboy classic, using "Street Rider (Sachen 4-in-1 Vol. 1) (Unl) [!]. Gb", I've already changed all the graphics and the title screen.

I am in need of help from those who have experience finding cheats:
In "Street Rider" there is an item, an S-flag that increases the car's speed. I would like to leave that speed during the whole game, because this game is very slow, so it would be much more playable.


This hack sounds promising... is it possible for you to disable the music in this game since it doesn't sound anything like the ones from the arcade game? Also, what other items are there in the game?  :-\


The items you have in the game, I already converted them to the equivalent items of the original Rally-X game:
item X2, now it's the S-flag and another item that looks like a fuel can, I changed it to L-flag, the other items are normal flags, with the exception of the one I mentioned, which in "Street Rider" is a flag with S, which temporarily increases the speed of the car (currently I changed the graphics of this item to a normal flag too, as my intention would be to apply a cheat in the game to always make it faster, so that item would have no effect).
Disable the songs of a game boy rom I still don't know either, if anyone can help in that regard, I will be very grateful.


I wish I can help in any way... but until then, thanks for the info. Also, here's a little something I worked on while I saw what you were working on.   ;)

Link 1:

Link 2:



Glad you like them buddy! Also looking forward to the release of the rom-hack!  :thumbsup:


Sorry to be posting here, but I don't know where else to turn.

My hack submission on was rejected. :( See what the moderator (lexluthermiester) said:

"Unfortunately, your RHDN submission 'Rally-X Gameboy' was not approved. RHDN policy for hack of pirate games is the same as hacks for homebrew, we do not accept"

I tried to answer the email, but I believe that the email system is automatic and does not receive a response.
My answer would be:
"Sorry, but there must be some mistake.
I believe that my hack did not violate any rules.
An "original pirate" game is an "unlicensed" game and cannot be considered a homebrew.
There are currently several hacks on RHDN of unlicensed games, such as Chinese, Korean games, Tengen games, versions of Double Dragon for Sega Genesis, among others.
I ask that you please review your decision.

Can anyone help me with this issue?


In the future you need to use the Contact Staff form, not publicly address the issue.


Thanks for answering.
Sorry, I'm not trying to publicize the problem, I'm just in need of help, I don't know how to contact the moderators, I didn't find this form :-[


If this thing is still on going. Can I suggest you try tinkering with the music to try sounding closer to either the orignal Rally X or New Rally X?


I also hope this is still being worked on. It looks really good and I don't see any problems with this game.


@Da_GPer and @UltraEpicLeader100, the hack is somehow finished. But it never got published because RHDN thought Street Rider was a homebrew game rather than a bootleg game. Honestly, I feel kinda bad the rom-hack ended up being cancelled cuz of the issue.


What the hell? This is not fair!


It may not be fair, but I'm sure he'll try his best to use the contact staff forum and resolve the situation. Until then, let me explain some more about Street Rider. Street Rider is a bootleg Game Boy game from 1993 developed by Commin and Sachen. The gameplay is actually the same as Rally-X and New Rally-X but this time, you can use speed power ups and still be to use smoke screen like in the original arcade game. When you lose fuel, you are told to start over instead of driving really slow. There are eight levels in the game and has different music tracks than the ones from the Rally-X games.


Thank you for releasing the patch. I suggest maybe even going on NESDev and releasing it there too. The more people get it, the less power ROMHacking will have over if it should be submitted or not. In other words, make them give up and add it to the list.