My name is Jason and I am having trouble getting a Super Metroid ROM hack toplay

Started by Jason711, June 29, 2022, 11:24:11 AM

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I downloaded
Super Metroid (Japan, USA) (En, Ja).sfc
from wowroms website
then I downloaded the .rar file from
which is Zebes Returns Super Metroid SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) ROM (Read Only Memory) hack file
then I used
to change the up above mentioned .rar to .zip
then I downloaded the .zip with up above mentioned ROM hack patch
then I applied the patch to up above mentioned .sfc file
and then I tried to play the ROM hack but no luck.
I tried both SNES9x-x64
and also
but neither works for the up above mentioned rom hack file I Jason tried to play on my 64 bit hp Windows 11 laptop.

Please help me out. Thank you a whole bunch in advance.


We can all see that you are posting as "Jason711", so I don't know why you decided to say it in your subject line and in your post.

As per the FAQ, most of the time SNES problems happen when the patch is supposed to be used with a ROM that has a header, but the ROM is missing a header, or vice-versa.  You can see on (which you linked to) that your ROM  should not have a header.  You can use the Online ROM Hasher to verify that your ROM matches the other information on that page.

If you need to remove a header from your ROM, you can use the utility linked in the FAQ.
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Oh hush, let people introduce themselves.

Some notes on this.

Jorpho makes a good point that people seem to forget. If you check the hack's project page, it lists "Super Metroid (Japan, USA) (En,Ja).sfc - NOINTRO" as the necessary ROM. The Wowroms version is based on the Virtual Console release, which is different from the original release (not only are parts of the code different, the checksum is different).

Also, don't convert a .Rar into a .Zip, just use a program like WinRAR.

Regardless, a couple of quick test in bsnes and Snes9x 1.60 with the correct ROM suggests the hack doesn't seem to work at all, so it might be better to contact the author instead.


Hello, Jason.
I just have to let you know, we have to ask that you avoid further mentioning ROM sites where you download them from.
What we would prefer, as a means to identify that the ROM file you have is the correct one, is to give us the "hash" data.
(such as from this page.
Even the CRC32 that appears when loading the game in emulators such as SNES9x is probably more helpful information.
Thank you.
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