how to apply custom text.move m pc model to f pc model selection FFCC

Started by PlaguePuppet, June 25, 2022, 07:48:54 PM

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hi! i was wondering how i might go about adding the male models to the female model selection in the final fantasy crystal chronicles for gamecube? or even how to flip the male and female model selection around? i also want to know how to add a custom texture to a specific model. specifically the male "horned helm" lilty model. my goal is to be able to play a female "horned lilty" model with custom textures. ill include a link to the textures (the game might be included in the .rar. if it is, i patched it with the 4k texture mod) in the unlikely event someone here wants to help me out with this. im new to modding roms, so its been incredibly difficult for me to find a comprehensive tutorial on how to do exactly what i want to do. mainly because most of the tutorials are pretty game specific. THANKS in advance for the help!

Edit: Link removed by staff


Note that the link has been removed because, aside from questionably violating the forum rules "the game might be included in the .rar.",
it was also a very large file, an act which is of dubious usefulness towards solving the issue.
(MAYBE there's a slim chance someone could answer by eyeballing the data, but more often stuff gets found when people who have the game, which we expect users to do on their own means, and the ability to mess with the data themselves.)
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