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Donkey Kong Land Unused Music

Started by ErikaFuzzbottom, June 25, 2022, 10:42:16 AM

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I am aware that there is a [Game Boy Color romhack of Donkey Kong Land 1] that includes a pair of songs that originally went unused in the game.  I'm not too interested in the color hack or its extras, but I have been wanting to experience the game in its original form, with the two songs included.  How do I hack them in?


Have you done any kind of hacking before..? is a good start.
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I've done a bit of hacking using modding tools, but I have no experience with going through a game's code and changing hexidecimal values.  I assume I need a hex editor to start.  Any recommendations?

Edit: Using the Game Shark code is not a bad alternative.  I can just turn it on in the appropriate levels.  But I'm still at least curious to try hex editing.  Assuming it's not trial and error and I have to tinker with dozens of lines of hex code until I find the one line that I am looking for.