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ROM Hacks: Super Mario Land - Timelines

Started by RHDNBot, June 23, 2022, 06:35:17 AM

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Update By: RyanD

Super Mario Land - Timelines has completely new levels made with the games existing tiles. The music is unchanged and there is a hard mode after the credits with additional enemies.

The game has a default GBC palette that looks good on most stages but playing in black and white or one of the other hidden GBC palettes may be more consistent. World two specifically looks a bit off in the default color palette.

*Enemies pulled from other worlds will look like an existing enemy but will still work like the enemy they really are, missile shooting planes in world 3 look like boulders but can still be stomped.

*Planes and birds can be stomped but the horizontal moving fish and diagonal bullet bills can't.

*Cloud bosses and the giant seahorses can't be killed with the bouncing ball or stomps.

RHDN Project Page

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The Beaky Buccaneer

Excellent - I've been looking forward to this one since its recent reveal on RHDN's forums. :thumbsup: Will have to find a spare moment to give it a go!

Ok Impala!