Thoughts on a hack to pick any mission in Advance Wars DS?

Started by mclau152, June 21, 2022, 10:29:26 AM

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Any thoughts on how to make a Advance Wars Dual Strike ROMhack that allows you to pick any mission and play it? Im brand new to ROMhacking so I just have the .nds file right now, what software should I use?



Is it an option after the game is completed? If so skip the hack and find a finished save game, or cheat your way to victory (infinite money and health for at least some units should make most things easily won, never mind infinite CO powers, fuel and whatever else is available. If the resulting probably S-rank for all of them is going to bother you then should be easy enough to find the end of battle score (usually dependent upon days to complete so get to a point where you can win in one turn and start waiting the days out to make the score worse) and force that down when you find it (if you have never searched for cheats before is for the GBA but the principle is much the same on any system, if you want to know how DS cheats work specifically, here you will probably want a savestate at the early victory point and then do a value changed search after waiting however long and winning, restore the savestate to the early one and then wait a different amount/destroy a few units and go from there) so you can play "properly".

Level select hacks are not so bad (find the level data be it in RAM or otherwise and use that) but unlock all level hacks can be a bit harder than I might like for a first hack as you are going to be dropped somewhat in the deep end as you are going to be messing with the game's code (assembly hacking usually being the last thing a new hacker learns). The game will generally naturally want to display all levels it can see/know about but something will be holding it back (levels completed, total score, something more hidden... it can vary) so you get to find that and disable it, or if you are lucky the levels completed counter will be findable with cheats and then you can have a cheat (which you can hardpatch in ).

I do have a guide to GBA and DS hacking if you want one.
There is also a dedicated site to hacking advance wars in all its forms