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Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children

Started by Iaved, June 21, 2022, 03:20:54 PM

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Hi, I've trying to add special characters to this game for quite sometime, but it seems like I'm always hitting on a wall  :banghead:

Looking through the .exe file with a hex editor I could clearly see all english and german text crammed together, and it's actually so easy to edit it by just extracting and importing all dialogues with a tool, but this version of the game -the USA version- it's not made to support this type of characters like the German does. So I went through it with a hex editor again, now using the German one, and... it's encrypted, and I don't know what to do  :'(

So please if you know how to deal with this or have some kind of hint I would be very very glad. I'm leaving the German version so you could see it by yourselves.


There's problems with both links.
For imgur, are you sure you checked the correct link button? Though it works if I copy-paste by looking at the code you posted.
It should be a direct link to the file.

The Short URL does nothing.
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Thank you! I didn't notice the file link wasn't working, but here's now:

This is the screenshot for the USA version:


I can see some 16bit text starting at 0xA23C0 in your exe. Not German though.

Try this Unicode German characters

The game might not support chracters other than Latin to begin with, or you can manually try to figure them out with trial and error. Usually I would suggest to debug and hack the game, but since it's an exe, I've no idea how one could really do anything without a source code. Using something like IDA maybe? That's pretty advanced stuff.


Thank you! Previous game was translated in Spanish, Italian and German and included all of those special characters, so it wasn't a problem and dialogues were visible with a hex editor right away. This German version is just like a wall of nonsense code tho, apart from some random words scaterred trough it, as you mentioned it.

And yeah, it seems like the main engine of the game is, indeed, inside the .exe file 'cuz most of the stuff outside in folders are mostly graphics. I was thinking about IDA too but it's just too advanced for me, but I appreciate your help  :'(