What's the easiest to hack SNES Baseball Game?

Started by nulugura, October 14, 2022, 02:32:41 AM

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I've done a bit of minor tinkering with NES games in the past but I'm a little lost when it comes to messing around with SNES games. I'm curious if there's a Baseball game that is particularly easy to change text and/or graphics. I mostly want to be able to change the player names and team names along with their logos etc. to match a custom roster. I've been digging around but so far haven't been able to find any game editing tools for specific titles, which leads me to believe I'll need to use some of the more generic tools for the job? Hopefully a little push in the right direction is all that's needed...

My goal is to later build a physical cart, so ideally the game would be 16mbit or less with no SRAM to help keep the cost of making it down.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Hello and welcome.

While we encourage the ROM hacking process here, we do not support or condone the "reproduction" part on this forum.
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