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Attack of the Saiyans Improved

Started by ThegreatBen, June 18, 2022, 10:26:33 PM

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Attack of the Saiyans was a game with so much wasted potential. It had the most beautiful 2d pixel art, great music, a fun battle system, but it was bogged down by so many flaws.

This hack aims to fix the biggest flaws of the game. First the pacing, the the ap cost for skills has been halved, and bosses drop more ap and exp.

The extremely tedious and time consuming carrot gathering and monster capturing is no longer necessary as all the rewards from them are now drops from bosses.

Second some of the filler felt really out of place. Some of the awkward lines have been rewritten. The biggest offender is the whole Yemma forest segment, this has been rewritten as a Tree of might homage with a fully functioning Turles replacing Raditz's soul.

Here's a video to show him in action.

Third the game ended after beating Vegeta and he was never added to the crystal ball. Both of these have been fixed, the game will deposit you at Kami's tower after the ending and Vegeta has been added to the pok├Ędex.

Current issues: adding Vegeta to the crystal ball added another empty slot for some reason. Goku is not available as a party member after beating the game.  And Turles still uses Raditz's picture when talking.


Managed to also add Oozaru Vegeta to the Crystal Ball, he has to be scanned to show up since he's never actually defeated.

The empty slot has always appeared  at the end, and remains no matter how many enemies you add or remove so I've accepted it as a design choice.

Currently working on accurate boss scans, and party manipulation.