ROM Hacks: Raggedy Land with Ann and Andy released!

Started by RHDNBot, July 06, 2022, 07:37:32 AM

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Raggedy Ann and Andy, created by Johnny Gruelle, were some of the most beloved children's characters of the 20th century. Due to various rights issues, the property has fallen out of public view in recent years, but there's still a strong fandom for the characters among younger and older enthusiasts alike.

Raggedy Land is a visually beautiful NES romhack which feels like the sort of game Raggedy Ann could have had back in 1987. There aren't a lot of hacks of Data East's "Donald Land" out there, so this feels relatively fresh and unique. Almost every character has been redesigned and replaced, with lots of deep-cut and fan-favorite characters from various Raggedy Ann related projects. The coding was reworked to allow for the new characters.

It's also a relatively non-violent game, depending on how you play it, and feels in keeping with Raggedy Ann & Andy, who are both playable in the game.

This hack was done by film restorationist Garrett Gilchrist, who restored the 1977 film Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure for web release. Half the graphics were designed by Brooklyn Williams, of the Raggedy Ann Revival Effort, which seeks to revive the obscure 1986 Broadway musical "Rag Dolly." Both projects featured songs by Joe Raposo.

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I dont know the serie ragedy from the 80 and i dont know the game ,,Donald land" but the grafic looks realy good. very well made, pixel art. congratulation  :beer: