Bug report (Sega Genesis - Beyond Oasis - Beyond Oasis Font Refresh)

Started by ilya_indigo, June 17, 2022, 05:41:43 AM

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On this resource it is not clear how to contact the developer of the patch and either give your suggestions or ideas or report a problem.
To do this you need a link under each patch, at least write a private message to the author or send an email.

I found a problem with this patch https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/5803/

The problem is that at a certain point, the game partially hangs and further passing it becomes impossible.

This moment occurs almost at the very end, where Ali exchanges the cube for the sister. The sister gives Ali the last ring, the guards come and take away the sister, but they can not take away completely (at the bottom you can see the tips of the guards' peaks) and the game at this point partially hangs, the music and animation go, but the control does not respond and nothing can be done about it.

SRM-file: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/-L9o3XbqIU3PgA


I would be somewhat surprised if a font tweak did such a thing, and that it only reveals itself at that stage in the game. Not impossible but surprising. That sounds way more like an emulator issue or anti piracy protection.

Anyway there is a link to the releaser of the patch on the page you link that takes you to a youtube channel (inactive by the looks of things but I did not check activity), another forum page (albeit inactive) and this forum's profile (active less than two weeks ago at time of writing).

That said have you tried the save on a stock ROM and seeing if that works?


I'm not quite sure what you mean by stock ROM.
I don't have a rewritable cartridge or the original console.
I checked on mednafen and Kega Fusion emulators and there this problem shows up, on the patched ROM and works fine on the original American ROM.


"stock ROM" meaning vanilla/original/unpatched ROM.
To rule out whether it is a modification that is causing the problem or an emulator problem.
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I see, I prefer the word original.
And no. It's not an emulation problem, it's a problem with this patch.