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Two questions about Earthbound et al

Started by McKnight, June 16, 2022, 08:18:56 AM

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1) I have seen a video of Earthbound Zero before, of the Time Machine and its actual event both restored.  However, the description states that this results in the game freezing whenever you try to buy anything else in the lab (not sure about anywhere else in the game).

From what someone has told me before:

So the new version was coded as if the time machine doesn't exist in the first place, which means that if you put it back in, realistically, you're shifting execution order of code about which in a lot of cases would be absolutely catastrophic, but it looks like the assets and other things that should be associated with the time machine are still in the game, so what happens is that the code gets confused when you add it back, because the code that is likely lost when you put it back in is all the other items.

I'm sure you've noticed but in a lot of hacked roms there are sometimes glitchy sprites or a few miscoloured pixels on the overworld or something similar? That's because the data being shifted about caused that effect typically.

Does anyone know what bugs to expect next, once someone I've hired fixes the code for buying the other items?

2) I gather that Messianic, creator of Mother 2 Deluxe, has restored certain cutscenes to Earthbound that were discovered months ago dummied out, something he did not mention in either the project page or the readme, only in a YouTube video by Mother Direct:

In case there were more cutscenes than the two ever specified, would anyone here happen to know what code to look for?

Alternately, I do gather that said content was since released to the public, but even if there wasn't anything else to find there, might there be some sort of pattern to seek out in the game code itself?