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Started by RHDNBot, June 16, 2022, 02:37:31 PM

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Update By: bbbbbr

This is a re-written and greatly expanded fork (by me) of the original, barebones Game Boy version by stacksmashing.

It adds:
* A full dictionary (versus the bloom filter)
* Thousands more solution words (~13K words for the English dictionary)
* Multiple dictionary languages / translated interface
* Quality of life gameplay features (auto-fill, hard-mode, etc)
* A nice popup UI
* Saved settings and gameplay stats
* Sound FX
* Game Boy Color support

For better, and sometimes for worse during dev, it still fits in a 32K ROM. :)

It's available as:
* A Game Boy ROM or a Analogue Pocket .pocket file here on RHDN
* Playable online in a web emulator at: https://bbbbbr.itch.io/gb-wordyl
* Full Source code (GPL 3): https://github.com/bbbbbr/gb-wordle

And now released as a specialty 31K+1k save cartridge at Ferrante Crafts:
* https://www.ferrantecrafts.com/

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